When the snow came down Westbank Volunteers walked, and cycled, the extra mile to ensure vulnerable people across Devon received the support they needed.

Westbank Neighbourhood Friends and Devon Carers helplines remained open throughout the adverse weather conditions to ensure people across Devon could get the support they needed.

Our team of extraordinary volunteers were keen to help when the snow came down putting vulnerable people at risk.

Here are a few of their amazing stories:

  • We received a call from a health professional to say an elderly man with dementia kept turning his heating off when care agency staff left his home. A volunteer walked 2 miles a day to make sure the elderly gentleman stayed warm and to check he had enough provisions.
  • Following an urgent call from a health professional one of our volunteers got on his bicycle to get emergency shopping and then deliver it to a vulnerable lady who had no food or money on Friday afternoon.
  • On Saturday a volunteer dug his car out of the snow to deliver an urgent pain relief prescription to a lady who had run out of her medication.
  • A wellbeing check was carried out for an older gentleman who has dementia and looks after his disabled daughter to check they had heating and food.
  • A team of volunteers who were unable to go out made regular phone calls to vulnerable people they were aware of, checking they had food and heating and were staying safe indoors.
  • One volunteer offered to walk two miles in blizzard conditions to do a wellbeing check - we didn’t let her!

In addition to the marvellous support our volunteers gave we had offers from others, including staff from across Westbank and the RD&E, all willing to go above and beyond to support people in their community.

Lucy de Garis, Head of Volunteering said “This is what community support is all about – looking out for others and pitching in where you can. Thank you to everyone who stepped forward to help”.