One of the roles we have for our volunteers is to support our admin work. As a growing organisation, we have all of the office work and paperwork that ensures it all runs smoothly.

As a  volunteer you decide which of the tasks you are happy to undertake – depending on your interests and ability.  If there are other skills you would like to develop we would be happy to support you with these.

Do I need experience?

Volunteers join us for many reasons.  Some have worked in an admin role for all of their working life, and now seek for something to do during their retirement; some join us as a way to get work experiences; and some join us to meet new people.

I am a bit rusty at….

Some people love paperwork, but hate computers; some like to be sat quietly in the office, whilst others want to be meeting members of the public; some like to talk in person whereas others love to talk on the phone. Whatever your preferences, or experience we have plenty to keep you busy! If you want to develop your skills we can help you do this.

For more information:

Please contact Jamie Brown on 01392 824752 option 2, option 2

Email: [email protected]