What is involved?

As a volunteer befriender you will be connected with someone depending on your interests and skills, your availability and what you feel comfortable doing.  This could be one of the following examples, or a different special interest that you could share:

  • A phone-call each week for a general conversation
  • Meeting in a garden for a cup of tea and a chat each week
  • Supporting someone to join and be part of their local Gym
  • Peer supporting a new mum
  • Walking locally to explore green spaces and experience the benefits of nature
  • Sharing a love of music by listening to music or playing an instrument together
  • Competing over board games or building model railways
  • Sharing an everyday task like gardening, going to the shops or on a bus
  • Creating art by painting, sewing or crafting together

What is not involved?

  • You are not signing up to be a carer. Your role is as a visitor and a friend
  • You are not expected to undertake any personal care or any household chores

We would be looking to support those in the Exeter, Exminster and neighbouring parishes

For more information, please contact the volunteering team on:

t: 01392 824752 option 2, option 2 or e: [email protected]

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