The Bright Futures project provides ‘mentors’ for young carers between the ages of 14- 17

What is a mentor?

A mentor is a volunteer who can offer you one to one support with a whole range of issues you may be finding challenging.

We would do our very best to match you with a mentor with similar interests, skills and experience to provide the best possible support for you!

Most importantly - a mentor is a friend whom you can talk to.

How often would you meet?

You and your mentor would meet once every two weeks.  You decide together on a time and a place and what you are going to do whilst you are together.

What kind of things could my mentor help me with?

  • Getting away from it all – meeting up with your mentor will give you a chance to have a regular break from your caring role, and do some fun things like going to the cinema or the beach
  • Motivation and information - to give you the best possible chance for your ‘next steps’ in education, training or paid work
  • Guidance – to make sure your emotional and physical health and wellbeing are the best they can be
  • Enabling - for example helping you develop new hobbies and interests and build confidence
  • Signposting - to other agencies and organisations in your area who could support you, and acting as your ‘advocate’ when dealing with them
  • Funding – support to access grants for hobbies, activities and breaks from caring
  • Friendship - your mentor is a friendly person you can chat to, trust, and who will respect your confidentiality

For more information:

Please contact Hannah Abrehart, Bright Futures Transitions Worker, if you are interested in finding out more about what Bright Futures can offer you on tel: 07507 791019

Email: [email protected]