Daniel Clatworthy, Health and Fitness Instructor

About my role at Westbank

I’m Daniel and I want to help you move better, get stronger, gain confidence and feel great!

One other thing I love handstands!


After qualifying as a coach, I worked at PFP, a strong man and power lifting specific gym for 18 months. It was here I had the opportunity to learn from osteopaths, sport therapists, athletes and high level sport performance coaches, and it sparked my interest in strength, conditioning and athletics. Following there I worked for Pure Gym, as a mobility, flexibility and corrective exercise specialist.


Level 3 Personal Training and Coaching, 2019

My values

I love calisthenics, functional training and developing total body autonomy. In short, I have a passion for human movement, health and performance. I have a holistic way of coaching, everything from sleep hygiene, nutrition, life stress, cardiac or pulmonary health to mobility and athletic capacity. 

Personal interests

I am Mr handstand or Mr gymnastic rings, I’m always researching new studies around sport performance, nutrition and optimising recovery. Apart from that, I enjoy cooking, climbing and the odd bit of jujitsu.

As you think, so shall you become. Bruce Lee