Department: Volunteering and Community Support

Activity: Film Club at Budleigh Hub

Description of activity:

As the Covid 19 lockdown eases slightly Westbank are aware that many of our more isolated and or vulnerable clients need mental and physical stimulation in a small group situation.  The activity room at Budleigh Hub will be used on a temporary basis, once a fortnight to offer a film club for our older population. This will be run by a co-ordinator and supported by volunteers, all activities will take place following government advice.  The group is of mixed age, participants will be independent or supported by a carer. Any additional needs will need to be communicated to a staff member or volunteer prior to attending. Tea and coffee will be available for purchase from Launchpad (who have completed their own risk assessment independently).

Legal requirements and guidance for reference:

COVID-19 – We have conducted a risk assessment for this service to produce this Safe System of Work, we have referred to the following sources:

LA PPE Guidance for Staff Issue 5 V45 11.6.20 FINAL DCC- available from Westbank

This allows a group of up to 6 service users to attend the activity club at Budleigh Hub.

  1. All users will be advised of the following: 
  • Before attending clients will be contacted and asked if they are displaying coronavirus symptoms of a new and continuous cough, a high temperature or an unusual loss of taste or smell. If they have these symptoms they will be asked to not attend the group and contact 119 for advice on how to get a test. 
  • All participants will be required to complete a registration / health declaration prior to attending the sessions.
  • All sessions are to be pre-booked.
  • Participants will be required to wear face coverings during film club, unless there is a medical requirement why not or you are consuming refreshments.
  • Participants, staff and volunteers will have their temperature taken using a non-touch forehead thermometer upon arrival.
  • Participants, clients/staff will be asked to sanitise their hands upon arrival.
  • Clients are to be advised and managed so they do not shout or raise their voices which can help to spread the virus.
  • Windows will be opened front and to the side of the group area to help with ventilation and participants should bring warm clothing if needed.
  • Chairs/tables will be set our prior to arrival to allow 2 meter social distancing and all facing the same way i.e. towards the TV screen.
  • Households or support bubbles cannot mix in lines with government guidelines, the bubbles have to remain at least 2 metres apart at all times indoors.
  • A register of all participants will be kept for 21 days to assist with the Governments Track & Trace system if needed.
  • Participants will be reminded for the need to wash/sanitise their hands once the session has finished and on arrival at home.
  • Participants will use the same chair for the duration of the film and be asked to leave as soon as the film has finished.
  • Toilets are available for use.
  • Tea/coffee will be served by a staff member from Launchpad using a face covering, good hand hygiene and gloves as necessary.
  • After each session and before the next session commences, all touch surfaces to be wiped down: g. tables, chairs, door handles etc. Fabric covered chairs will be fogged using disinfectant spray.

Date: 01/12/2020

Review Date: SSoW will be reviewed and regularly updated in line with government guidance.

Review carried out by:  Mark Brown