Westbank runs a number of friendship and social groups, aimed at different target groups but at the heart of it trying to reduce isolation in the community and provide an opportunity for people to meet and ideally make new friends along the way.

Some of our groups enjoy either light refreshments i.e. tea/coffee or if taking part in a Monday group enjoy a home cooked lunch.

The role is very varied as for some of the groups it can involve helping in the kitchen, for others it’s very much social. So you will no doubt draw on some existing skills, and probably learn some new ones along the way.

We’re always keen to hear about new ideas and interests to share with existing groups or for establishing new groups/activities.

What is involved?

Group Supporter

  • Help set up the room if require
  • Facilitate the group with others or independently by agreement
  • Share time/take part with social activities
  • Help prepare and provide refreshments (take payment if necessary
  • Take part and encourage conversation within the group, establish and develop positive relations within the group
  • Take registers (if required)
  • Ensure the room layout is left as it was found

Groups serving Lunch

  • To assist the cook in preparing meals for the lunch clubs
  • Assisting in the presentation and serving of meals and drinks for the clients
  • Take payment for the lunch (if required)
  • Establish and maintain relationships with the group

For more information:

Please contact Vicky Hutchinson on 01392 824752 option 2, option 2

Email: [email protected]