Department: Westbank Gymnastics Club

Activity: Gymnastics Sessions in the Events Studio

Description of activity: Gym Club will reopen in accordance with Government guidelines on social distancing and enhanced cleaning regimes. Session numbers will be equal to or below the maximum capacity during exercise of the Events Studio, to include children, parents and staff.  This ensures we comply with guidance on ventilation and for all to remain at a 2 metre distance from anyone not in their household. Each session will cater for the same children each week so the only cross-over between sessions will be made by coaches.

Legal requirements and guidance for reference:

We have conducted a risk assessment, which is located:

S:\Staff Info\4 Health and Safety\Employee\Risk\Assessments\Gym Club Risk Assessments

Guidance taken from:

The following practices will be implemented.

Gymnastics setup

  • All staff and volunteers to receive a return to work induction and training on new session layouts and procedures.
  • Any persons experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 (Persistent new cough, high temperature or unexpected loss of taste or smell) must not enter the building. In the case of COVID symptoms, they should dial 119 to request a test and take the appropriate medical precautions.
  • The Events Studio floor area and individual workstations have been measured and participant numbers calculated based on a minimum of 2m distance between working areas, and consideration given also to supplies of fresh air and ventilation per person.

Arrival and dropping off of children

  • For each session, there will be staggered arrival and departure times, so that a maximum of 5 children/parents are entering the building at a time for sessions. These will be at 5 minute intervals.
  • There will be a one way system implemented for children to arrive at and leave sessions- using the internal entrance to the Events Studio, via the main reception and down the corridor. Children will then be dismissed via the external fire exit door, leading out to the disabled parking bays, ready for parents to collect from there.
  • Face coverings must be worn by children over the age of 11 and parents when in any communal areas, except for the Events Studio where sessions will take place.
  • With the exception of Parent and Toddler sessions and Pre-School sessions where the parent/carer must accompany the children throughout the session. Parents will not be able to enter the Events Studio for any reason and must only drop children off by the internal door to the Events Studio and collect by the external Events Studio door.
  • Whilst waiting for drop-off and collection of children, Parents will be asked to remember to keep a 2m distance from others and will be reminded of this via markings on the floor and signage. Parents are expected to wait in their cars if the weather is bad and will not have access to wait in the building.
  • Please provide up to date contact information to Penny, Gemma or Claire. This would be needed in the event of being contacted by Governments Track and Trace system.
  • Any parent entering the building will be expected to scan the Governments QR code on the entrance door using the NHS Covid 19 App.

Operation of gymnastics session

  • Children will be required to sanitise or wash their hands on arrival into the Events studio.
  • Each child will be escorted to their individual workstation, which will be position 2m away from others’ and this will remain their own station for the duration of the session (With the exception of Parent and Toddler and Pre-School Sessions*)
  • Children are asked to bring their own bag in which they must have their personal water bottle and any other equipment they may need for the session. This will remain beside their workstation and will only be handled by the child.
  • Once all children are in attendance and the session has begun, coaches will be distributed throughout the room, ensuring they are at a 2m distance from others but have an adequate view of participants under their supervision.
  • The session will consist of a variety of activities for the children to participate in; all of these activities given have been designed so that children can perform them safely without needing physical support from an adult. (With the exception of Parent and Toddler and Pre-School Sessions*)
  • If there is adequate space in the room, an apparatus set up will be provided within a safe area in the room, ensuring it is 2m from others. This will be monitored by a qualified coach, but the coach will not be able to physically support the children, therefore the set up will be such that it is safe for the child to use independently. Once the children have had a couple of turns on the apparatus, the coach will wipe down everything that has been used with disinfectant before the next child can have their go.
  • In order to allow for enough ventilation during sessions, doors and windows will remain open for the duration of the sessions. Children will be briefed on and Health and Safety issues that may arise from this.
  • Children will all be asked to use the toilet at home before attending sessions. However, should they need to use the toilet during a session, they will be asked to use the disabled toilet closest to the Events Studio and once they have returned to session, a coach will then go and wipe down any multi-touch surfaces in the toilet with a disinfectant wipe or spray.

Exiting the room

  • Once the session has concluded, the children will be asked to put their shoes on and collect their belongings from beside their station and they will then be dismissed via the external fire exit door. This will be staggered at 5 minute intervals, starting with the oldest children leaving first.
  • A space outside the external Events Studio fire exit door will be cordoned off for parents to wait whilst collecting their child. They will be reminded to keep a 2m distance from others with markers on the floor and signage. Parents will also be asked to keep the ramp clear which leads from the door out into the carpark so children can exit safely.
  • As soon as children have begun to exit the room and their workstations are clear, one of the coaches will begin cleaning down their space with disinfectant spray, wipes or electrostatic fogging device with disinfectant spray until all mats have been cleaned.
  • Frequent touch points such as light switches, both entrance and exit door handles (both sides) will be wiped down before and after each session.

Parent toddler sessions on Friday  

  • Because the Parent and Toddler sessions and Pre-School sessions require parents/carers to remain with the child throughout the session, the activities set out for them will be catered so that children may need some physical assistance from the adult accompanying them. Children will have a set time frame on each station and once this time is up, the accompanying adult will be informed by the coach and it is the adults’ responsibility to wipe down any objects which may have been handled by the child or their self with a disinfectant wipe. Wipes will be located next to each station for easy access. Once stations are wiped down, the coach will then announce that it is time for participants to move station, and they will then be able to move on to the next station.
  • Parents attending these Friday sessions to provide support to their children during the session, will not be able to bring another sibling along to the session as their concentration and help will be required to support the participating child.

Date: 4th September 2020

Review Date: SSoW will be reviewed and regularly updated in line with government guidance.

Review carried out by:  Gemma Scoynes