For some people the prospect of trying something new can be daunting and they can feel they don’t have any useful skills to offer. Westbank Healthy Communities Skill Building Project gives people with additional needs opportunities to develop skills and improve self-confidence by taking part in community volunteering projects as a group; volunteer skill builders support this process.

The Doing IT for You project aims to provide an opportunity for a group of volunteers with limited IT skills to gain understanding and experience in exploring the breadth of technology available, and support them to gain greater skills and confidence in its everyday use. Over a 6-month period you will be involved in supporting the group to explore how they can make best use of information technology. This might be undertaking family research, understanding social media, building a CV, creative writing, or anything else the volunteers themselves might want to explore.

What is involved?

  • Take part in the Doing IT for You project – to increase volunteers level of skills and confidence in using information technology
  • Encourage and support others in the group to take part
  • Where the Skill Building Volunteer has a particular expertise in an activity they may agree with the Project Coordinator to take a more leading role in sharing their skills within the group
  • Help the Project Coordinator with the general supervision of the group
  • Work within the health & safety guidelines of the project
  • Help set up and clear away at the end of each session

Qualities and Skills Required

  • A Volunteer Skill Builder must be non-judgemental, patient, supportive, friendly, sociable and reliable
  • They will enjoy seeing other people progress
  • They will be willing to share specific skills with other
  • They will be open to learning new skills and interested in developing their own knowledge
  • They will be able to offer a regular time commitment
  • They will be prepared to undergo training and to meet with the Project Co-ordinator on a regular basis for supervision

For more information:

Please contact Tim Collins on 01392 824752 option 2, option 2

Email: [email protected]