This project operates in Exeter, East and Mid Devon and is part of a national Cabinet Office funded programme aiming to keep people out of hospital.  Our aim is to mobilise an army of volunteers and good neighbours to enable people aged 18 and over to live a happy, healthy, safe and meaningful life where they feel part of a community and connected to those around them.

Rapid Response Friends

respond when there is a task that needs doing quickly such as picking up emergency food items or feeding a pet while someone is in hospital. 

Welcome Home Friends

help with the transition from hospital to home, to make the experience as smooth as possible.   

Wellbeing Friends

get involved when more long-term support is needed to help people achieve what they want to achieve – whether that’s helping with exercises or introducing people to social activities in their community.

Repair and Removal Friend

This is a physical role offering DIY and practical skills to enable people to come home from hospital and live in safe, accessible environments. Tasks may include fitting a key safe, moving furniture and clearing overgrown gardens and paths.

For more information:

Please contact the Neighbourhood Friends team on tel: 01392  823690

Email: [email protected]