Body Active

A gym based class for people whose health professional (e.g. GP) consider could benefit from regular, gentle and controlled exercise. Our instructors devise an exercise schedule specific to each client, taking into account any medication or medical condition the client may have.

Body Active aims to:

  • Relieve symptoms
  • Speed up recovery
  • Rehabilitate short & long term injuries
  • Promote healthy lifestyles

Body active is more than a series of gym sessions; it is part of an on-going change in lifestyle.

Cardiac Rehab

Working in association with a small team of dedicated Cardiac Nurses we support the rehabilitation of post-op Cardiac patients, and by the introduction of a structured exercise program help prevent reoccurrence.

Falls Prevention

Improve your balance, coordination and strength with simple and easy to follow exercises in a friendly and sociable environment.

Wellbeing Sessions

Once you have finished your referral sessions, these sessions offer a next step.  They allow you to continue to exercise and develop your programme and help you keep to the routine you have developed over previous weeks. Wellbeing classes run Tuesday to Friday and aim to help people get in to the fitness routine they want.

Classes are priced at the standard gym charge.

For more information:

Please contact reception on 01392 824752 for more information about any of these classes.

Email: [email protected]