Department: Budleigh Gym

Activity: Gym sessions without instructors

Description of activity:

The gym will reopen as a non-instructor attended gym. The gym will have a capacity of 3 persons and individual time slots for gym sessions will have to be booked in advance by telephoning Budleigh reception. Attendees are expected to follow the guidelines below to ensure everyone’s safety.

Legal Requirements and Guidance for Reference:

COVID-19 – We have conducted a risk assessment for these sessions to produce this Safe System of Work, we have referred to the following sources:

The gym floor area and individual workstations have been measured and participant numbers calculated based on a minimum of 2m distance between working areas, and consideration given also to supplies of fresh air and ventilation per person.

Westbank will apply these rules to all indoor exercise activities.

1. Maximum of 3 gym users + 1 carer / support worker per a 45 minute gym session.
2. Phone booking will include triage questions for customers to answer to make sure they are safe to use the gym.
3. Any persons experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 (Persistent new cough, high temperature or loss of taste or smell) or having any other contraindications to exercise must not come to the centre. In the case of COVID symptoms they should dial 119 to request a test and take the appropriate medical precautions
4. All customers should have a current health declaration acknowledging their fitness to exercise
5. If customer requires assistance in event of evacuation they may only attend the gym
with a carer / support worker. Carer / support worker must be aware of evacuation procedure, location of Evac chair and competent on how to use it. They must also wear face covering and maintain 2 meter social distancing from other gym users.
6. All customers must book a 45-minute slot in advance by telephoning Budleigh Reception and then should arrive no more than 5 minutes before their allotted time and queue at reception for check in, at all times observing the 2m social distancing rule
7. The receptionist will check customers in on our gym database / calendar for use in the event of it being needed by the Governments Track and Trace system. Data is stored securely.
8. Late arrivals may be denied access to the gym; this will be at the discretion on the receptionist on duty.
9. If membership payment is required this will be made on arrival at reception and card preferable to cash, please.
10. Upon checking in, customers will sanitise their hands and proceed to the gym and then to a work station.
11. Customers should not bring bags or excess clothing with them and should arrive in clothing suitable for exercise. Drinking water will be unavailable and so customers should bring a drink with them. Changing facilities and showers will also be unavailable
12. Customers must also bring any prescribed relieving medication that they need to manage a health condition
13. All customers are reminded that they should comply with social distancing rules whilst in the gym, particularly when moving between equipment.
14. A notice board containing the latest information for Covid-19 and our ‘customer notice’ poster will be displayed at the entrance for information
15. 4. The gym windows will all be opened throughout the day to ventilate the room as much as possible.
16. While a face covering is not required for exercise, customers are asked to wear one in all public areas and when moving between work stations as an extra safety measure
17. All customers are required to sanitise their work station before and after they use it. Hand sanitiser will also be provided
18. Customers are asked to finish their workout within their 45 min allocation so that the gym can be prepared for the next session.

Date: 27/08/2020

Review Date: SSoW will be reviewed and regularly updated in line with government guidance.

Review carried out by:  Tom Burridge