Department: Gym

Activity: Chair Based Exercise Classes

Description of activity:

Safe and effective exercise classes for Westbank fitness users

Legal Requirements and Guidance for Reference:

COVID-19 – We have conducted a risk assessment for these classes to produce this Safe System of Work, we have referred to the following sources:

Rooms have been measured and class numbers calculated based on a minimum of 2m distance between working areas. Westbank will apply these rules to all indoor class activities.

The Café will be used for this seated class and it has been assessed as safe for up to 6 participants

Before acceptance into the exercise class, all customers will be required to fill in and return a health questionnaire designed to allow our instructors to assess their suitability to exercise. No customer will be able to access the class until the health questionnaire has been completed

1. On arrival, customers will be asked if they are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 (Persistent new cough, high temperature or loss of taste or smell) or if they have any other contraindications to exercise. If the customer has symptoms they will be instructed not to take part in the class, advised to return home, dial 119 to request a test and take the appropriate medical precautions.

2. Customers will enter the building via the Café fire escape, at all times observing the 2m social distancing rule.

3. Upon signing in, customers will have their temperature taken using a contactless forehead thermometer. Customers with a temperature of 38 deg will be considered as high and will be asked to go home, avoiding public transport and dial 119 for advice

4. A signing-in register will be filled out by a member of staff to avoid sharing a pen and paper

5. If customers have coats and bags with them, these items will be placed in bags to keep them apart from other customers belongings and stored until after the class

6. Following sign in, customers will be encouraged to use the provided hand sanitizer and asked to take a seat ready for exercise. Each workstation will be marked out 2 meters apart with a chair ensure social distancing is applied.

7. All customers will be reminded: that they must comply with social distancing before, during and after the session.

8. Customers must wear appropriate clothing and footwear. And are requested to bring a bottle of water to drink

9. Customers must also bring any prescribed relieving medication that they need to manage a health condition

10. Before the exercise starts, customers will be shown the notice board containing the latest information for Covid-19 and our ‘customer notice’ poster.

11. Participants will be reminded throughout the session to work at their own level and the instructor will advise appropriate instructions to avoid any injuries.

12. Following the exercise session, tea and cake will be available to customers.

13. Tea will be made by a member of staff or volunteer who will sanitise their hands before and after making the tea and wear a face mask.

14. Tea will be served by a second member of staff who will bring everything to the tables which will be a minimum of 2m apart. This person will also sanitise their hands before and after service and will wear a face mask

15. While a face mask is not required for exercise. All customers will be required to wear one in all public, enclosed areas of the building. This includes the corridors, toilets and reception area

Date: 28/07/2020

Review Date: SSoW will be reviewed and regularly updated in line with government guidance.

Review carried out by:  Rob Amor