Department: Gym

Activity: Outside Exercise Classes

Description of activity:

Safe and effective outside exercise classes for Westbank fitness users (including: HIIT FIT, Core Blast, Circuits)

Legal Requirements and Guidance for Reference:

COVID-19 – We have conducted a risk assessment for these classes to produce this Safe System of Work, we have referred to the following sources:

This allows a group of up to 5 participants and 1 instructor to exercise outdoors provided 2 meter social distancing is rigidly applied. Westbank will apply these rules to these activities. We intend to use Exminster football ground for these activities, as this affords us the outdoor space to easily allow social distancing at 2 meters.  If demand allows, we may operate more than one group of up to five participants, each with their own instructor. On the day of the class the participant will receive an email to inform them of their instructor and meeting point to ensure the groups remain apart on arrival. Group A will be meet instructor A in the top car park and Group B will meet instructor B in the bottom car park, Instructors will then take their group to the designated working area keeping both groups separate.  

Weather Conditions - On the day of the class the instructor will always make judgement if the class needs to be cancelled because of extreme weather conditions. If the conditions are wet or very hot this will be considered in the instructors training session programme and ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) temperature guidelines will be implemented where possible. 

ACSM temperature guidelines

(for healthy, unacclimatised persons)


work / rest ratio

work /rest time


no limits

no limits



40 / 20



30 / 30



20 / 40



10 / 50


no exercise

no exercise

  1. All Clients will be advised of the following: The area chosen to exercise will be visually swept before the beginning of the class by the instructor, to ensure it is clean and is as even a floor surface as possible. If a participant notices a possible hazardous substance / object during the class they must inform the instructor right away so the appropriate actions can be taken.
  2. All Clients will be advised of the following: Each workstation will be marked out 2 meters apart with a cone to ensure social distancing is applied.
  3. All Clients will be reminded: that they must comply with social distancing before, during and after the session.
  4. Customers must wear appropriate clothing, footwear and take appropriate precautions for example the use of sun cream, bring own water/drink.
  5. They must also bring with them their own exercise mat or towel as this will not be provided by Westbank.
  6. On arrival all participants will be encouraged to use the provided hand sanitizer and will be shown the notice board containing the latest information for Covid-19 and our ‘customer notice’ poster.
  7. At the beginning of the class the instructor will ask clients if they are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 (Persistent new cough, high temperature or loss of taste or smell) or if they have any other contraindications to exercise. If the customer has symptoms they will be instructed not to take part in the class, advised to return home, dial 119 to request a test and take the appropriate medical precautions.  
  8. Participants will be reminded throughout the session to work at the own level and the instructor will advise appropriate instructions to avoid any injuries.

Date: 24/06/2020

Review Date: SSoW will be reviewed and regularly updated in line with government guidance.

Review carried out by:  Tom Burridge