Department: Healthy Neighbourhoods

Activity: Table Tennis

Description of activity:

Social table tennis session that as part of the easing of lockdown will take place in Room 17. Users attend independently and it is a session run as part of the Healthy Neighbourhoods project. The group is supported by volunteers and the emphasis of the session is about the social and non-competitive element of the game. The group is of mixed age and ability and the volunteers are present to help provide general support and direction for all users. Refreshments are currently not available and users will be requested to bring their own drinks or purchase from the café in the park.

Legal Requirements and Guidance for Reference:

COVID-19 – We have conducted a risk assessment for these sessions to produce this Safe
System of Work, we have referred to the following sources:

Devon County Council: LA PPE Guidance for Staff Issue 5 V45 11.6.20 FINAL DCC - available from Westbank.

Sessions will need to be booked in advance in either Room 17 or Age Concern, only two
players per table unless from the same household in any one session time to ensure social
distancing is rigidly applied. Westbank will apply these rules to these activities.

All users are advised of the following:
• Service currently only available for users who are NOT NHS shielding or who live with people who are shielding – this is checked at point of booking
• Participants must be fit to exercise prior to taking part in the session and are encouraged to inform staff if any concerns. As part of the COVID 19 return to play all attendees will be requested to complete a health declaration.
• Attendees to complete home self-check and should not attend if they have any of the following symptoms; A high temperature (above 37.8oC), a new continuous cough, shortness of breath, loss of or change in the normal sense of taste or smell and been in close contact with/living with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in the previous two weeks. They will be advised to seek appropriate medical guidance.

• Staff/volunteer lead will ensure the home self-check has been completed prior to each session, If they are feeling unwell or showing symptoms, advise self-isolation as per government guidelines
• Booking system implemented and session times divided into 45-minute slots. There will be a Minimum of a 15-minute break between sessions to allow for change over and wiping down of surfaces and chairs with clinical disinfectant surface wipes and use of appropriate PPE
• Participants will complete a register of attendance for each session and will be
kept for 21 days to support NHS track and trace process.
• Participants will need to wear face coverings in all communal areas, i.e. reception and corridors
• Participants not playing should wear them in the activity room
• Participants will need to provide their own bats
• Balls should be washed after every game when players change in disinfectant provided to minimise risk
• No handshaking/slapping hands
• No breathing on the ball to clean
• No hand wiping on the table
• Wash hands regularly and before/after any activity
• Hand hygiene (hand sanitisers, with a minimum of 70% alcohol level) on entry and exit to venues, as well as pre, post and during sessions. Emphasis should, however, be on each individual taking responsibility for their own hygiene and encouraged at all times to bring their own hand sanitizer.
• Players must wipe down their side of the playing surface with clinical disinfectant surface wipes and wiped dry using paper towels after every game when players change. Avoid using alcohol-based products, astringent cleaners such as floor cleaners or wipes that may contain other substances that can leave a residue and alter the matt finish on tables.
• Staff/volunteers should wipe down (wit wipes as previously mentioned (any contact points inc. chairs, handles etc.)
• Windows should be opened to allow good ventilation throughout the room.

All participants will be reminded:
• Showers and Changing Rooms are to remain closed, players are to arrive ready to play and shower at home.
• To comply with social distancing before, during and after the session.
• Participants must wear appropriate clothing and footwear.
• Volunteers to encourage users to play remains “social” and in a fair way, and to keep an eye out for any health concerns amongst the group.
• Volunteers to ensure that the area remains clear throughout the session and any potential trip hazards are removed.
• In the event of a fire the volunteer should help to evacuate participants via the nearest and safest fire exit and congregate outside the Budleigh Hub in the front car parking area.
• In the event of an accident/incident please inform reception at the earliest opportunity. First aid help is available via reception. There are also first aid kits available in the kitchen area of room 17.
• In the event of any accidents/incidents or near misses please complete an accident/incident form and return to the project development manager at Westbank.

Date: 08/08/2020

Review Date: SSoW will be reviewed and regularly updated in line with government guidance.

Review carried out by:  Mark Brown