Department: Operations – Westbank Charity Shop/Cafe

Activity: Reopening a reduced Charity Shop/cafe in the existing shop premises.

Description of activity: Following the Preparing to Reopen Risk Assessment, this SSoW details what customers and staff can expect from the reopened shop/cafe.  The shop/cafe will operate from one side of the shop floor, whilst a social group for local people will work from the other side of the shop floor. 

Legal Requirements and Guidance for Reference:

We have conducted a risk assessment, which is located in:

S:\Staff Info\4 Health and Safety\Coronavirus\Prepare to Reopen Risk Assessments

So what can you expect?

  • This shop is open between 11am to 3pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. One half of the floor space is dedicated to shop sales, the other to a Social Group run by Westbank aimed at local people who need social interaction.
  • The windows will be opened front and back to aid ventilation. Please bring warm clothing if you need to.
  • Please do not attend the shop if you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms of a High Temperature, a new and persistent cough, or an unexpected loss of taste or smell. Please ensure you bring a face covering with you to be worn in the shop.
  • We are not currently accepting donations at this shop, thank you.
  • The entrance to the shop is actually around the back of the premises, so go down the side of the building to the far door, please queue if necessary taking note of the floor markings.
  • If you have a smart phone please scan the Governments QR code on the NHS track and Trace app located on the door.
  • The capacity of the shop has been reduced to 3 single people or 1 couple and 2 singles, staff will unlock the door when they can accept another customer.
  • Please ensure your face covering covers your nose and mouth. You will see our staff will be wearing a face covering for your protection.
  • Staff will read your temperature using a non-contact thermometer. If your temperature is above +38dc you will not be permitted to enter the shop, please return home and call 119 for testing advice.
  • Please sanitise your hands using the pump dispenser just inside the door.
  • You will be asked for your name and contact details to be used only in conjunction with the Governments Track and Trace system. These details will be held securely and destroyed after 21 days.
  • Please note the floor markings, the walkway into the sales area is outlined in yellow and black tape, please don’t stop and chat in this area. This walkway may be used by members of the social group accessing the toilet, please ensure its kept clear.
  • Due to additional cleaning needed, the toilet in the shop will not be open to the public.
  • Please don’t touch your face covering, if you do you will need to sanitise your hands.
  • Please remember the Respiratory and Cough Hygiene rules, always wash or sanitise your hands after sneezing or coughing into a tissue or the crook of your arm.
  • We have adopted a policy of customers not to handle or try on the stock, it is clearly labelled with the size and price and staff will be pleased to demonstrate clothing on a manikin if required.
  • We ask if at all possible that you don’t return stock to us this is because we would have to quarantine it for 48 hours before it can be re-sold. Any returns should be bagged, labelled and stored for 48 hours before re-sale.
  • For your safety, we have identified the shared touch point areas throughout the building such as door handles, a schedule of these is displayed behind the counter, staff regularly wipe these down throughout the day.
  • Limited cafe facilities will be provided in the garden at the back of the shop or inside the shop. Please maintain 2 meters social distance in this area.


Date: 24/09/20

Review Date: SSoW will be reviewed and regularly updated in line with government guidance.

Review carried out by:  Justin Milton and Sally Chatham