Do you love a good story?

Storytelling in Crediton is a new project being developed as part of the Westbank Healthy Neighbourhoods project. Volunteers will engage people of all ages including older people or those suffering from isolation in fun and interesting storytelling activities.

The aim of the project is to improve the social, mental and physical wellbeing of people in the community who may lack confidence, feel isolated, be diagnosed with the onset of dementia or be going through a tough time and will benefit from being part of a social group all taking part in storytelling together.

The group will be up to 20 people in a relaxed environment taking it in turns to tell a verbal story. This can be made up or a traditional tale, something from a memory or an interesting experience of no more than 10 minutes in length. Refreshments are also provided.

What is not involved?

Intensive commitment; these are likely to be no more than fortnightly sessions and a time limit may apply to some opportunities.

Qualities and Skills required

A love of and ability to both facilitate and offer storytelling

A love of the spoken word and language skills

Ability to encourage and enable participants of all ages and backgrounds to tell their story as part of a small volunteer team in a community setting

Organisational abilities i.e. time-keeping

Listening skills

Creative and imaginative

Patient and understanding

Volunteers are needed in Tiverton starting in April and Crediton starting in June.

For more information

Please contact Katheryn Hope on t: 01395 446896 or e: [email protected]