Neighbourhood Friends is a social action project helping older people to stay well, manage their conditions or recover from illness or injury, thereby reducing pressure on hospitals and GPs.

Case Study

An 85 year old man was referred to Neighbourhood Friends by an Occupational Therapist from the Acute Medical Unit at the local acute hospital. He had been admitted following a fall when he had fractured his left wrist. He also suffered from several long term conditions. He had been living independently until recently but increasing frailty had forced a move to live with his daughter.

He had been admitted to hospital overnight and was very anxious to return home. The patient’s daughter, who works fulltime, was able to manage all of her father’s care needs apart from making his breakfast on weekday mornings. This was a Friday. The hospital were unable to put in a request for a package of care until the Monday morning due to demand for the service exceeding capacity. This meant they couldn’t guarantee that the service would be able to start straight away, meaning that discharge would be delayed until at least the Monday.

A referral was made to Neighbourhood Friends on the Friday for a volunteer to pop in and help by preparing the gentleman’s breakfast on the following Monday and until such time as a package of care could be started. We were able to action this and the man was able to be discharged – greatly reducing his anxiety and enabling a bed to be made available 3 days earlier than it would otherwise have been.

In addition a volunteer fitted a key-safe within 24 hours to enable the District Nursing and domiciliary care teams to access the property. We also arranged for a pendant alarm, a fire home safety check, a carers check and a benefits check.

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