What is Young Carers Awareness Day?

Every year the Carers Trust organises Young Carers Awareness Day to promote young carer related issues and the challenges they face due to their role as a carer. 2019's Young Carers Awareness Day was on Thursday 31st January, and the theme this year was mental health. For more info on the importance of support for young carers' mental health, please visit the #CareForMeToo campaign page on the Carers Trust website.

What did Devon Young Carers doing to support Young Carers Awareness Day?

As the #CareForMeToo campaign explains, being a young carer is a risk factor for the mental health of children and young people and unfortunately the support they often need just isn't available. We are supporting the #CareForMeToo campaign to ensure that young carers voices are heard, promoting awareness of mental health problems that can be experienced by young people as a result of their caring responsibilities.

This year is our 21st year of supporting young carers across the county. Today we are supporting a growing number of young carers in Devon, and to celebrate the amazing lives young carers lead we organised a sponsored marathon event on Young Carers Awareness Day. The marathon was originally going to be completed by a combination of Devon Young Carers staff and some of the young carers we support to promote the positive impact that exercise can have on our mental health. With #1in5 secondary school pupils caring for a family member and 1 in 4 people suffering from mental ill health at some point in their lives, mental health support for young carers has never been so important.

Unfortunately due to poor weather on the day, the young carer portion of the marathon had to be postponed. While this was disappointing, we are currently in the process of organising a new date for our young carers to get involved, so keep an eye on this page for further updates. In better news, our young carers team run a whopping combined total of over 40 miles between! We'd like to thank everyone who supported us in the lead up to and on Awareness Day. Whether you tweeted your support, donated to support the work we do or simply made your voice heard, your support was hugely appreciated by us here at Devon Young Carers!

What can I do to support Young Carers?

Donate to Devon Young Carers

You can help us provide respite opportunities for young carers to give them a much needed break from their exceptional circumstances, or resources to promote positive mental wellbeing such as mindfullness colouring books to have a positive impact on mental health. If you would like to make a donation, please visit our donation page here:


Volunteer with Devon Young Carers

The work we do at Devon Young Carers would not be possible without the support of our inspirational volunteers. In the last year our volunteers have given over 600 hours of their time to support respite activities for young carers, and are an integral  part of our team. If you would like to be involved in any of our volunteer work, or simply just want to find out more about what we do, please contact us at [email protected] 

Make your voice heard!

The #CareForMeToo campaign not only aims to raise awareness for the challenges that young carers face in their caring roles and the impact it has on their mental health, but also improve the availability of mental health support for young carers also. Politicians, teachers, service providers, health care professionals and commissioners can all play a vital role in improving this support. So we say make your voice heard by spreading the message that young carers are giving us which is simply #CareForMeToo.

If you think you, or someone you know, may be a young carer, or would like to find out more about what we do at Devon Young Carers please visit our Am I a Young Carer and Support for Young Carers pages for more info.