The Young Carers Project organises a variety of trips and outings for Young Carers. The trips range from cinema outings, craft workshops and theatre visits through to theme park days, to give young people. Group sizes can be as small as 8 children, through to as many as 50 or more. The young carers who are helped by the project are between 4-18 years old.

What is a ‘young carer’?

A young carer is a young person, up to the age of 18, whose educational, health, social or emotional development may be affected by their caring responsibilities in the family.

This may be:

  • At home or elsewhere
  • In respect of physical or emotional caring
  • Normally on a long term basis
  • In comparison to what any young person of comparable age could reasonably be expected to experience or achieve

Why do we run the trips?

  • They are a chance for young carers to meet other young carers
  • Meeting others with the same demands reduces the feeling of isolation
  • Trips offer young carers the chance for some time off, away from their home environment
  • Sometimes young carers are limited with the kind of activities they can enjoy with their families due to a sibling or relatives own requirements
  • Most importantly, trips simply allow children to enjoy being children!

For more information:

Please contact Anna Collin or Tom Humphreys:

Email: Tom - [email protected]

Anna - [email protected]