During Trustees' Week across the UK, Westbank celebrates the qualities, talents and experience of its Board of Trustees and offers more professionals the opportunity to take up a role that can bring personal and professional fulfilment while helping the charity to thrive. The theme of this year’s Trustees’ Week is: Many voices. Working together. With purpose. 

Westbank Community Health and Care aims to promote and improve the health and wellbeing of people in the local community, across Devon and beyond. We currently benefit from the support of five Trustees - Sally Yeo (Chair), Lizzy Anderson, Keith Richards, Jim Masters and Steven Chown who recently joined the Board. Each brings their own unique perspective and set of skills to the organisation, which is now seeking to recruit other committed individuals to work alongside them. 

Westbank CEO Sarah Hicks says, “Trustees play such an important role in the governance of a charity, and Westbank is incredibly lucky to have such a supportive Board of Trustees who are dedicated and committed to our aims and causes.

“Being a Trustee is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience, offering a range of personal and professional benefits. We currently have a couple of wonderful opportunities for potential new Trustees to join our Board. As a member of our Board you will help shape the strategic direction of Westbank, and provide a valuable layer of oversight and governance. You will be part of a team of dynamic (but fun!) Trustees who make a difference to our community. And we aren't demanding! You will be asked to attend a 2-hour Board Meeting quarterly, and perhaps a few hours support in between. Unless you want to do more!”

We welcome applications from would-be Trustees regardless of the specific skills they can offer. The Board would benefit, in particular, from applicants with expertise in the areas of commissioning, HR, organisational development, marketing, PR, creative design or fundraising/income generation.

For further information and to apply to be a Trustee, visit https://reachvolunteering.org.uk/opp/trustee-1210