Posted: 9th October 2020

We have recently become aware of rumours circulating locally, suggesting that our Charity is ceasing operation.

It is somewhat ironic, particularly in the context of Covid-19 or Coronavirus, as we have enjoyed considerable (and well deserved!) praise for our swift response and flexibility in supporting a great many vulnerable people throughout our geographic area. Our dedicated staff have continued to work throughout the crisis, showing remarkable commitment and adaptability, under extremely difficult circumstances, delivering care in a range of ways, sometimes in settings and scenarios that bear little or no resemblance to their job descriptions! We would not have been able to do those things if we were about to disappear!

Westbank is a charity, but it is also a company, and like just about every other charity or company at the moment , we are having a tough time, and had we not entered this period in a financially fit position, we may indeed be making a different response to these rumours. As we support our communities, we need your ongoing support to continue the valuable work that has earned us the reputation we enjoy, whether that be working for us as a volunteer, or supporting us financially, or in some other way.   We will of course be making changes to make our organisation more sustainable going forward, but we will be here next year, delivering services tailored to need in our area, as we have over the last couple of decades.

Can I thank you for your interest, and your support for Westbank, a great local Charity

Jim Masters