Date: 18th October 2021

It's good to talk - Cullompton Community Engagement event a great success

The beautiful community garden at the Walronds in Cullompton was the perfect location to bring local organisations and community members together, with the shared aim to make Cullompton even better.

In partnership with Involve, Westbank brought a variety of local organisations together at the community engagement event, which included Cullompton Town Council, United Charities, CHAT, Connecting the Culm, Exeter Community Energy, Hayridge Arts, BigFoot and a storyteller.

The event attracted over one hundred residents, giving an opportunity for them to meet with representatives from local organisations and find out more about what they can offer. Visitors were also invited to share their thoughts and ideas about what is needed within Cullompton and its hinterland.

Councillor Kate Haslett, Cullompton Town Mayor, said: "It was good to see local organisations and residents getting together, and that Cullompton Town Council had the opportunity to talk and listen to members of the public and let people know what's going on in their town."

Katheryn Hope, Westbank Healthy Neighbourhood Coordinator, said: "It was great to work with the team at Involve to deliver this event. We received very encouraging feedback from visitors, with the consensus that it would be beneficial to run it regularly, especially as it is often difficult to reach rural communities. Events like this are one way of finding out what the community needs and how we can support them. Thank you to everyone who attended and the team at The Walronds for providing refreshments and delicious cake from the leafy trellis."

If you would like to share your thoughts and ideas for community support in Cullompton, please contact Katheryn Hope, Westbank Healthy Neighbourhood Coordinator at

e: [email protected]

Photo credit: Kathryn Hope