Image: Kerry - Marathon 2020Posted: 8 October 2020

My name is Kerry, and on Sunday 4th October, l had the privilege of participating in the virtual 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon.

For three years I have tried to register for the Virgin Money London Marathon, which due to COVID-19 like most charity runs was cancelled and set up as a virtual run so people could still raise money for charities.

Needless to say, when the virtual Virgin Money London Marathon was advertised l went online to register for a place. To my total amazement, I received a place and my number – I was going to be part of something which for me is so special.

It’s been a lonely road since the decision was made for my dear Sid to go into a care home. I wanted to take part in this year’s marathon to raise money and awareness of Dementia and for Sid, who is in a wonderful care home, where l also work as an activity coordinator/ hands-on Carer.

l eagerly set off on Sunday to achieve 26.2 miles for Sid and everyone who has Dementia, l walked for them.  I am passionate about making anyone and everyone feel for those dear souls who are visible and invisible with this dreadful disease.

On my walk l met so many wonderful happy people, all taking part for their own reasons. I walked from Dawlish to Exeter on my own but my dear walking buddy Dianne joined me for the return.

Image: Kerry - marathonThe whole experience of the Virgin Money London Marathon was well organised. I downloaded an app from them, and as l set off and pressed ‘my run’ a great big cheer went out. Then every few miles, I received an update on how far l had walked and more cheers for the next phase. I wouldn’t say I like running, so I walked the entire course, which took 7.5 hours.

Two dear friends met Dianne and me at the Warren to cheer us on, and when we arrived at Exeter Road, I had achieved 26.2 miles. My phone sent me congratulation cheers.  I felt elated and had ticked off one of many things l wanted to do.

Even with being wet through from the rain my hips and back were feeling like l had been through a hard time it didn’t matter because the whole reason l did it was for the love l still have for Sid.

To those who read this l hope you can feel the passion l feel to help others.

Thank you