Date: 22nd December 2021

Young Carers enjoy a sparkling Christmas party

We were delighted to be able to invite our local Young Carers to a sparkling Christmas party this year after being unable to do so in 2020.  A total of 22 Young Carers came along to Westbank Health and Wellbeing Centre on Saturday 4th December to enjoy some festive fun. 

Young carers joined in with a variety of crafts and activities, showing their creative skills; colouring by numbers, making party crowns, Christmas tree decorations and cards for loved ones. 

For many, it was their first young carers outing since the COVID pandemic, so there was understandably some initial apprehension.  Confidences soon grew, with children making new friends and engaging whole heartedly in the activities on offer, making the party a huge success.

Much energy was exerted as young carers also tested their physical prowess with bean bag target games and keeping balloons high up in the air!

Later party food was enjoyed, with Santa making a surprise visit.  Jaws dropped as his arrival wasn’t expected and there was excited anticipation at receiving the big presents set around Santa’s throne.

One young carer exclaimed, ‘I’ve always liked the idea of this!’ after opening their large craft set. 

Festivities culminated with a spontaneous dance off to Christmas music with our young carer the outstanding winner, despite some spectacular moves from Santa!

It was soon time to head home, with overwhelming comments of thanks. 

When asked if they would like to come again, the young carers answered with a resounding, ‘YES!’

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