About my role at Westbank

I currently serve on the Westbank Board, the Finance Sub Committee and on the Board of Westbank Community Enterprise Ltd which is responsible for the Hub at Budleigh.

My stand out career moments

I have worked in the public sector, in various senior finance roles, for nearly 40 years, and served on a Housing Association Board including a number of years as Chair

Career stand out moments include organising the transfer of a number of learning disability services to more appropriate private sector provision and leading the Housing Association out of Supervision.

My values

I think it is important that I give something back to the community and that, if I can I still want to make a difference for people. In particular, I value financial integrity and want to ensure people are treated and dealt with appropriately.

Personal interests

I enjoy football, supporting a local team, watching cricket, swimming and gardening. Above all, I love to enjoy my family whenever I can.

“I believe I can bring my career experience to help Wetbank to achieve financial sustainability in a very uncertain climate."