At the very heart of what we do, is ensuring people in our community are provided with the right support, at the right time to help them. For over 30 years, we have delivered projects which have tried to address the issue of loneliness. However, what we have seen over the last year is that COVID has increased the numbers of people who are experiencing loneliness, sometimes with devastating consequences.

Please take a moment to hear more about this project and meet Vic and Caroline.

We are taking action now, by asking 100 businesses with the shared aim to combat loneliness, to make a donation of £500. By working together to end loneliness we can provide support, spread a bit of happiness and hopefully make life a little easier and enjoyable for people in our communities.

This project will be delivered in Exminster, the surrounding parishes and across the city of Exeter.

The donations received will be used to:

  • Support people, who experience loneliness, who are referred to Westbank from Exminster, the surrounding six parishes and across the city of Exeter.
  • Recruit a project team who will develop and deliver this new service.
  • Recruit and train a team of volunteers who will be matched with people who are experiencing loneliness based on their specific needs. The volunteer will work with the participant on their goals, for example, getting out for a walk, attending an exercise class or simply having a cup of tea, biscuit and chat.

For businesses who are unable to make a donation but would still like to support the project then we have the option of volunteering. We can match your personnel with specific project opportunities.

Thank you

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"Loneliness, experienced by people of all ages, is now an issue like never before. Our campaign aims to shine a light on the often devastating impact of loneliness and to showcase that how by working together we can, and will, make a lasting difference." Nina Parnell, Head of Volunteering and Community Support