To thank you for your kind financial donation or your offer to volunteer and/or enable your staff to volunteer to help a lonely person, we will:

  • Add your business logo, quote about why you are supporting the campaign and image to our 100 Working Together gallery
  • Provide you with a campaign commitment quality mark, for you to add to your website
  • Ongoing comms will be posted on our social media channels, giving your business positive recognition
  • Look to host a donor event, where you can find out more about the impact of the project and the difference your donation and/or volunteering made

In addition our team are available to visit your organisation to provide a talk about our campaign to end loneliness and help you understand what to think about or watch out for, maybe you know someone who could benefit from a little support; or we can provide a talk on suicide awareness.

100 Working Together will be fully evaluated, using proven methodology from the Office of National Statistics, 3 item USLA loneliness scale, our research findings will be shared with all businesses who donated or volunteered time in support of this campaign.