Our Westbank community cooking project is aimed at giving people the knowledge and skills to cook healthy food together to support their health and wellbeing.

Due to COVID-19 we have been unable to continue these sessions, so we looked for new ways to continue to help those at home stay healthy, inspire and encourage healthy cooking.

We got together with our volunteer and chef Christopher to make some fun films demonstrating step-by-step how you can make delicious seasonal recipes.

Chris, who due to personal health reasons is unable to drive and or work, joined Westbank 18 months ago as a volunteer to share all his knowledge and experience as a chef. Chris always loved his work as a chef and had a busy career working all over the country as well as Europe. He was delighted to see that there were opportunities for him to use his skills in cooking at Westbank.

Katheryn, Westbank Activity Coordinator said

"Chris has been a real asset to this project. Not only does his ability as a cook shine through and inspire participants, he also has a lot of empathy with how they feel because of his condition. He loves being part of a friendly team motivating others to cook new things and jumped at the chance to make films for those who are still unable to come out and join a community activity. We hope you will enjoy trying these delicious dishes and cooking them yourself at home".