Mission statement:

Westbank aims to promote and improve the health and wellbeing of people in the local community, across Devon and beyond. 

Our values:
  • We act with compassion and integrity
  • We value every individual equally
  • We work together to support the whole community
  • We are willing to learn, to innovate and to lead

This is achieved with employees and volunteers being:


  • We will work to alleviate suffering and isolation
  • We will treat everyone with kindness, equity & respect
  • We will encourage the development of strong communities


  • We will behave with integrity and truthfulness
  • We will be straightforward and fair in our business dealings
  • We have a genuine desire to help others


  • We are open to suggestions, questions or feedback
  • We are sensitive to our communities and their needs
  • We will respond readily and in a timely manner


  • We will develop new sustainable services or processes
  • We will work to understand the implications of the new health economy
  • We will lead in the development of novel regional programmes or alliances