Chief Executive Report 2019/20

This time last year I was reflecting on my first six months in post as Chief Executive. Grateful, as I am again, for the impact our staff and volunteers have on so many lives. Proud, as I am again, of the work they have done, a snapshot of which is presented here. And excited for what the future held for Westbank.

We made progress on many fronts. Staff, volunteers and others helped to define our strategy and priorities for the years ahead. We started to make changes to how we work, improving our communications and updating our practices. And we secured new contracts and funding for the essential work that we do. 

Then the unexpected happened. 

And so I find myself reflecting on how we have responded to the coronavirus pandemic, and the impact it will have on Westbank in years to come. Although the pandemic will have an impact on our finances and although we may never fully return to ‘business as usual’ we will come back better and stronger, and with our reputation much enhanced. 

Westbank has never been more needed by the local communities in which it works. Our mission, to promote and improve the health and wellbeing of people in the local community, has never been more relevant. I look forward to continuing to deliver that mission next year
and beyond.

Matthew Byrne

Annual Report 2019 to 2020