Reviewing my report for the previous business year, I used the term ‘extraordinary’. I used it both in the context of the pandemic and its impact upon the organisation, and to describe the wonderful response of everyone employed
by Westbank, volunteering for Westbank, or in any way contributing to Westbank during these unprecedented times.

This would include organisations we work with, and for, most notably Devon County Council, with whom we work in partnership to deliver the young and adult Carers contract, where we have continued to supply services as flexibly as we can, in hugely difficult circumstances. Indeed we were recognised for this endeavour with a national award, presented by ‘The Health Service Journal’ for our innovative support for acute hospital discharge. This pilot provides high-quality support for individuals and enables more rapid and seamless discharge from wards and helps create capacity when the NHS is under enormous pressure.

It has been an extremely challenging time, with some of our contemporaries failing, and others dealing with existential threats to their sustainability. Westbank is not immune from the unprecedented operating environment. We hope and expect our funders, partners, and public to continue to value and support Westbank going forward as the reasons for our existence are more evident than ever before.

That said, we remain confident for the future, not least because we have a dynamic and experienced new leader, but also because Westbank is a great charity, delivering high quality services through the dedication of great people. I would like to offer my personal thanks to all of the Westbank family for being extraordinary.

Jim Masters. Chairman. 

Annual Report 2020-21