In celebration of Volunteer's Week, we take a look at some of our wonderful volunteers, what they do and how they support our charity.

Our Neighbourhood Friends Volunteers carried over 2000 patients in 2022.

Meet Matt. 

Matt is one of Westbank’s’ Neighbourhood Friends patient transport volunteers. Matt has volunteered for Westbank for over 5 years. His role involves taking patients home from hospital, settling them in, making sure they have enough shopping in when they return home, ensuring the heating is on if needed and, if patients use them, checking they have their Carelink pendant on.

When asked what he enjoys most about volunteering at Westbank, Matt Said,” I enjoy driving around different parts of the southwest, learning about what things used to be like or what different buildings used to be in the client's childhood. I like to be able to help anxious patients to settle in home”.

Our volunteers make all the difference and often make a huge impact on people's lives. Matt did just this recently. After taking a lady home from hospital she was so grateful for his kindness and his friendly manner, that she has now decided she wants to apply to volunteer with Westbank!

Our volunteers are the beating heart of our charity ❤️

To find out more about volunteering at Westbank click here.