In celebration of Volunteer's Week, we take a look at some of our wonderful volunteers, what they do and how they support our charity.

We offered 12,000 Health Walk places across 24 locations in Devon in 2022, delivered by our health walk volunteers. <br>

Terry is one of Westbank’s Minibus Drivers and started volunteering with Westbank over 5 years ago after retiring from teaching. Terry drives people to health walks and takes older people on social trips all around Devon. He is also a Westbank rapid response volunteer. This involves him receiving a call and if he is free, acting quickly to provide help. This could be moving a bed to enable someone to come home from hospital or moving furniture to make a home safe.

Terry said “I enjoy meeting different people. It is pleasing to be of some use to someone. It is a little way I can help out, to make life a bit easier for those who need it. It gives people a lot of pleasure getting out and about. Sometimes this is the only time they get out. If people are on their own they don’t talk to anyone else”.

Our volunteers are the beating heart of our charity ❤️

To find out more about volunteering at Westbank click here.