Date: December 2020

Staying fit during lockdown

With the call for us to stay at home once more, especially in the colder winter months, it can be easy to grab the blankets and huddle up in front of the TV and wait for this all to blow over.

COVID-19 can be hard on our mental health; staying at home away from loved ones or social contact as well as our physical health if we begin to neglect our body.

It is important, now more than ever, to do things often which boost our mood, increase social contact and look after our physical health. An excellent way to do this is regular exercise. This could be anything, such as a brisk walk, gentle run or a challenging online exercise class, but the main aim is to do something which helps your mind and your body.

Here are some of the ways regular exercise during lockdown can improve your mental and physical wellbeing, and how Westbank are here to help you.

Keep connected with online classes

Enjoy the feeling of a supportive community or miss the social aspect of your favourite gym class? It is important for our mental health to keep connected with people the best we can, so why not combine this with the physical benefits of some gentle exercise? If you struggle to stay motivated to keep fit whilst the gyms are shut, Westbank are here to help. We offer some fantastic online exercise classes, which we have expanded even further for you to join at a time that suits you. From gentle mobility classes such as Circuits Gold and Better Balance, to challenging workouts such as Hiit Fit and Core Blast to raise your heart-rate and work up a sweat. Our online classes are a great way of staying connected with people giving you a sense of community to help motivate you through your class. They are easy to book on our new online platform Virtuagym, and start from as little as £3.50.

Improve your sleep in just 30 minutes 

With the stresses of modern life mixed in with the recent pandemic, it is no surprise many of us are having difficulty when it comes to falling, and staying, asleep at night. This can affect your mental and physical wellbeing quite significantly, decreasing your mood, reducing your concentration along with many other long term health complications. A good nights sleep is essential for a long and healthy life, and exercise may be the antidote to your restless nights. Studies have shown regular exercise can help you fall asleep faster and remain in a deeper sleep for longer. Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise could be all you need to reduce the time it takes to slip into a peaceful nights rest, but science claims that it is even more effective when you undertake regular exercise. Our short but effective live online classes run for 30-45 minutes meaning you can get the benefits whilst working it around your busy day. Can’t make a class? Pro members can also choose from animated virtual classes accessible at a time which suits you.

Stay on track with nutrition

With so much uncertainty at the moment, we don’t blame you for reaching for those extra custard creams or ordering your favourite pizza, whatever gets you through! But along with your favourite treats, a balanced diet could be the secret to keeping your mind and body healthy during lockdown. A good mix of fruit, veg, carbs, protein, fat and all the good things in-between will help nourish your body through the winter months. Do you struggle to know what to cook or want to maintain a healthy diet? Some memberships with Westbank’s Virtuagym can offer you Nutrition Tracking and meal planning to help you stay on track. Ask our trainers through our online community page about upgrading your plan to include nutritional support.

Reach your goals from your living room

If you need a little extra motivation, have specific goals or prefer a more one-to-one approach, Westbank can help with their excellent team of level-3 and 4 qualified personal trainers. No need to wait to get back into the gym, we can offer our personal training programmes through online sessions. We offer one-to-one support, a personalised training programme and nutritional support based on your goals, and help you work towards long-term, sustainable results. Using this service online during lockdown can help you stay motivated to keep fit, give you social interaction with a friendly face and not to mention its cheaper!

Visit our fitness pages to find out more about how the Westbank Fitness Team can support you during lockdown.