Ryan Collins, Health and Fitness Instructor

About my role at Westbank

I am here to be a part of the Westbank community and be a helping hand to everyone. This could be helping our members with the their fitness but also talking to everyone and offering support to those who need it.

I have worked in several gyms around Exeter, teacing classes and helping people to reach their goals as a personal trainer. I love that I have helped people to progress in any way possible, this could simply be enjoying the process and being more confident in the gym.


Fitness instructor - Level 2

Personal Trainer - Level 3

My values

I believe that everyone would benefit from improving their health and fitness, no matter your age or ability. My passion is to help as many people as I can to create an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle to help improve all areas of their lives.

Personal interests

As well as being a fitness instructor, I am a father to my 2 wonderful children and love days out spending quality time with my family. I am a big advocate for strength training and teaching a more realistic approach to help other busy parents, just like myself.