We are a programme designed to help your patients improve their health and lifestyle choices, but we also aim to help GP practices as part of our service. Healthier Devon can have a significant positive impact on your GP practice for a number of reasons:

Reportable and trackable health improvement

  • We can provide anonymised statistical reports on the progress of the patients referred from your practice. This helps you keep track of progress and highlights the importance of continued referrals.
  • Should any serious concerns regarding your patient during the programme arise, we can report back to you.

Healthier patients means saving you time

  • By promoting lifestyle changes, we can improve patient health, reduce blood glucose levels, the risk of Type 2 diabetes and therefore the need for continued management.
  • These lifestyle choices can improve patient’s overall health making them less likely to visit a GP practice for other illnesses or conditions.

Improved social connections means saving you time

  • Our social and personal approach provides a friendly point of regular contact for patients that may have previously sought help by booking an appointment with their GP.
  • Using a whole-person and local-focus approach means we have contacts and service providers, we can signpost patients to, reducing their need to contact a GP.
  • Our social groups provide a friendly environment which helps patients to develop support networks which can last beyond the programme.

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