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If you are looking to get more from a personal training programme or have a specific goal, then our Westbank Personal Trainers can help you.

Our friendly and experienced instructors pride themselves on placing you, their client, at the heart of any personal training programme they write for you. 

You will be connected with one of our level-3 and 4 personal training* qualified instructors who will work with you to identify realistic goals, which will help you to stay motivated over the course of the programme.

Our team are also level-4 qualified cardiac, cancer and stroke rehabilitation instructors. For more information about our rehabilitation programmes

Benefits of personal training

  • One-to-one support from your chosen Westbank personal trainer
  • Personalised training programmes based on your individual goals
  • The impact of your training programme may be seen sooner
  • Motivation and support, helping you through the highs and lows of your training journey
  • Long-term, sustainable results

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Nutritional support

As part of your personal training experience with our team, they will discuss with you your current eating habits, and look at small changes you could make to support your goals.

They will also share with you skills such as calorie tracking to help you make smart choices when buying food, preparing meals and looking at portion sizes.

To note: Our personal trainers are unable to provide advice for customers with specific dietary requirements.

Three steps to personal training

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In-person and online

Our personal training programmes are available both in person and online.


Our personal training programmes start at £22

Block booking available.

How to book

Online booking system - Book now

Please contact the Fitness Team on 01392 824752 or [email protected]