Date: December 2020

Winter Workouts: Why it is important to keep exercising in the winter

As winter draws in, the days get shorter, the mornings darker and we might be tempted to reach for the blankets on the sofa rather than reach for the running shoes. But cold and dark days shouldn’t mean you stop moving your body - in fact there are many benefits to keeping up regular exercise during the winter.

Get some Vitamin D

It is important to keep our vitamin D supply topped up in the winter as it is an excellent way to boost our immune system, help build strong bones and muscles and is also great for our mental health. One of the most effective ways to get vitamin D into your system is via sunlight exposure. During the winter, we see much less of the sun, which is why it is important to get moving outside when you can to make the most of the sunlight.

Going for a walk is a great gentle way to keep fit and get sunlight exposure without costing money. Why not join one of our Westbank Health Walks to help you get outside, experience nature and make friends.

Boost your immune system

It is no secret winter can see us all come down with a sniffle or two, just as it is the season for delicious Christmas food, it is also the season for flu.

Regular exercise can get your blood pumping which is proven to be an excellent way to boost your immune system to help protect yourself from a winter cold.

Keep your mind in-shape

The gloomy weather and dark nights can sometimes make us feel a little blue. In some more serious cases, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), can really take its toll on your mind as we dream of sunnier days. Regular exercise releases chemicals such as serotonin (cheer up chemicals) which are known to help ease depression and anxiety, boost your mood and reduce stress. If you are needing a little boost this winter, getting a sweat on, or even taking a 15-minute walk could do wonders.

Warm your body

Feeling chilly? Get your body moving for a few minutes to warm up - a brisk walk, a quick dance in the kitchen or a workout class will get your blood pumping and warm up those frozen toes. It costs next to nothing, saves you money on the heating bill and helps you keep in shape and boost your mood at the same time - you can’t lose!

If you are keen to keep moving this winter, Westbank can offer a range of things for you to enjoy. Visit our gym, take part in one of our online workout classes or join our free Health Walks to help you get warm, stay active and keep healthy.

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