Kidzone Pre-school is laid out with different learning areas, where the children are encouraged to learn, primarily through play. To do this, we use the key worker system, which observes children within their play; this ensures each child’s individual needs are met and their potential is reached.

Learning areas will be arranged so that the children have choices throughout the day. As part of  their development, they will be helped to take part in new experiences to gain new skills.   

Outdoor activities contribute to children’s health, physical development, and knowledge of the world around them. Children have the opportunity to play in the fresh air throughout the year in our small outdoor play area, which is fenced and secure, with adult supervision at all times.  We often plant seeds to see how they grow and develop, discuss nature and the seasons, and play games in this area. We also have the use of a sports field opposite our centre.

Important note: we provide aprons for the children when they are involved in messy play. However, we would suggest that your child wears clothes they can get messy in, as we often encourage them to be creative, and accidents happen! 

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