We've included some resources below that you may find helpful.

Know your Rights  

Depending on your age, young carers have the right to receive different levels of support. The 'Know your Rights booklet, produced by the Carers Trust is a useful guide detailing what your rights are as a young carer, and how you can get more support.

Protecting Young Carers from Bullying   

68% of young carers have been bullied at school (The Princess Royal Trust for Carers, 2009), so it is important to know how you can help support young carers who have experienced bullying.
This Carers Trust guide for professionals who work with young carers provides lots of information about protecting young carers from bullying.

Who Are They?    

This Carers Trust poster is perfect for displays in schools and other organisations. It provides lots of useful information about who young carers are and the impact on them as a carer.

Devon Young Carers Leaflet

Our leaflet provides information and advice for young carers, family members and professionals which outlines what a young carer is, the impact of caring and what support we offer as a service.

Young Carers Transition Assessment   

The Young Carers transition assessment is separate from a young carer’s assessment. It covers how different services for children and adults affect young carers once they turn 18. The assessment can be completed by young carers with the support from any professional
and helps you consider whether you would like to continue providing care as a young adult, stop being a young adult carer or change your caring role.

For more information about support in your area, please contact us at Devon Carers Helpline on:

t: 03456 434 435 or

e: [email protected]

Image: Young Carers Support App