A young carer is a young person, up to the age of 18, whose educational, health, social or emotional development may be affected by their caring responsibilities in the family.

This could be:

  • At home or elsewhere
  • In respect of physical or emotional caring
  • Normally on a long-term basis

Young people have a right to their childhood and the opportunities for educational, health, social and emotional development that go with it. Young carers are not adult carers who are small, but children with a future.

We provide support for young carers as part of Devon Carers - the countywide service providing information, support and short breaks for carers of all ages.

The support we provide as part of Devon Carers includes:

  • Newsletters and other information
  • Help with health, social and educational development
  • Access to social activities just for young carers, including drop-ins during term-time and respite activities during school holidays

Contact with Devon Carers is voluntary, does not require involvement with a statutory organisation and is completely confidential. Professionals are welcome to contact Devon Carers in order to refer a young carer or to obtain information on their behalf, however, staff also accept self-referrals from young carers or their parents.

For more information:

To access any of the young carers services available as part of Devon Carers please contact the Devon Carers helpline on 03456 434 435 to talk to a member of staff.
In addition to working as part of Devon Carers Westbank Young Carers provides support to young carers in a number of other ways.

Westbank Young Carers covers Exeter, Teignbridge, East and Mid Devon:

For Exeter or Teignbridge contact Sarah Lindley by email [email protected]

For East Devon contact Liz Smith by email [email protected]

For Mid Devon contact Cathy Kingham by email [email protected]

Please visit the Devon Carers website for more information and to access the pod: www.devoncarers.org.uk